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Update by user Apr 13, 2015

On April 13th I received a letter from MAC with 2 products one of which is travel size. At no point does their letter offer an apology and to be honest doesn't make any sense.

It stated, "as promised" I still don't understand what they were referring to when this was their first and only attempt to contact me after my review on here, their help page and direct corp office. The letter was written by a customer service rep who clearly needs some training as their make up artists.

The issue is still unresolved 3 months later, I didn't receive the color I initially went to get and the c"complimentary present" is useless...bribing me with your products is not going to Improve the situation when there were no apologies in the letter accompanying it. They must have reviewed my account and varified how much I've spent at their stores on regular basis...but to only hear back from them 3 months later is beyond ridiculous.

Original review posted by user Jan 27, 2015

On 01/17/15 I turned in 6 empty Mac containers in exchange for 2 products. I asked for particular colors however when I returned home I realized that the woman made a mistake on one of the products and gave me the wrong color.

I was unable to return to the store until 01/27, I brought back the unused product to the same store and politely told the Mac employee to exchange it for the color I originally asked for. I told her the story, of turning in 12 empty containers and was given 2 products however there was a mistake made with one or the products. The woman name was "Nova", she asked if I had a receipt and so I said I did and began looking for it. Approximately 30 seconds into me looking for the receipt, she told me, "unfortunately I won't be able to exchange this product without the receipt" she got extremely impatient with me looking for the I reminded her that as I've told her that I had the receipt and would provide it to her as soon as I find it, while continuing to look.

Once I gave her the receipt she looked over it and stated, "I'm only doing this as a one time courtesy...we normally don't exchange complimentary products" proceeding to tell me that "she's doing me a favor". I told her that's was not happy with the way she's handling the issue that in fact she was not doing me a favor since I was inconvenienced having to return due to her colleagues error. She then stopped and stated that she will not proceed with the transaction in a rude manner. I've been a MAC Cosmetic costumer of many years, spent thousands of dollars over that time.

This is not the way one should treat a loyal customer over a $15.00 lipgloss which was their error to begin with. I asked Nova to speak to her manager and her reply was that the manager was off. I asked her to phone the corporate office and so she refused, instead, she circled the 800 number on the receipt that was useless. I tried calling them from the store and couldn't get thru....tried calling the following day and the recording stating to call back during business hours although it was 9am pacific standard time, weekday.

While I was still at the store, another woman attempted to assist me by the name of "Marissa". She introduced her self as one of the managers, although I was told that the manager was off previously....I asked Marissa what Novas title was and she said she too is one of the managers, which Nova failed to mention. Marissa told me that she'd take over and complete the transaction after hearing what happened. Nova then pulled Marissa in the back office, when Marissa returned she bluntly lied to me and told me, "unfortunately I am unable to exchange this product, our system just upgraded and it will not allow me to do so"...I called another Mac store, giving them the scenario and asking them should it have happened at their store, if they would be able to exchange.

Their reply was, if it was their error than they would. When I got off the phone, my assumption that both Nova and Marissa are not only rude and unhelpful but they're liars was now a fact. I told Marissa of my conversation with another Mac store, as it proceeded to write her name for my records. As I was walking out she began to shout, "which Mac store did you call?" Because of this unpleasant episode, I will throw away the wrong item given to me and I will no longer purchase any Mac cosmetics.

I went next door to Sephora after this and was treated the way customers should be treated. Not to mention, while I was at the Mac store, the wind (since the door was open) blew my receipt away on the counter where the register I took MY receipt, the MAC security card "Dee" went after me telling me to return the item I picked if I stole something.

She finally left me alone when one of the other employees told her that it was indeed my receipt. All in all the customer service couldn't get worse than this.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Iucky82 stated that there is a room for improvement of horrible customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of lip gloss. Mac Cosmetics needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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